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Humble Beginnings

My past keeps me grounded.

The second-born of six children, I was raised by a single mother on the south side of Chicago. Although most of my core memories take place in Englewood, my family experienced homelessness and constantly moved across the city when a shelter had an opening. My siblings and I experienced extreme poverty and often had to steal food to have enough to eat. I watched my mother struggle to locate resources and navigate a system that was not built to serve the poor.

Unfortunately, I spent many of my early years watching family members die from gun violence, and  I was only five years old the first time I saw a dead body lying in the streets. Due to a lack of opportunities, many of my family members sold drugs, and jail visits became common. I've witnessed more police raids than I can count, and I vividly remember the terror of huddling in the corner while men with guns and a badge tore apart our belongings, searching for evidence. 


 At age 12, my grandmother moved my family to Indiana in search of a better life. There, I learned the stigma associated with blackness, and the racism surrounding me at school catapulted me into activism.

At 16, the summer before my senior year of high school, I moved out of my troubled home. My high school debate coach and his wife took me in. I remained there until college.

Education First

I learned early that if I wanted to escape my circumstances, I had to become educated about the world around me. I graduated high school with academic honors, in the top 2% of my class. 

In college, I actively participated in social change and studied how minority movements and politics shape our world. I hold a:

B.A. Broadcasting - Purdue University


M.A Communications - Purdue University

  •  Most Outstanding Graduate Student 2019

  • Adjunct Professor

  • Associate Producer, Roundtable Perspective

  • Earned Four International Awards of Excellence

  • 3.9 G.P.A

Community Focused

My passion for serving the community began early. In high school, I organized coat drives for community members experiencing homelessness. At age 16, I started coaching for pop warner and spent my free time teaching discipline and confidence through cheer. 

Following the shooting of Laquan McDonald, I took to the streets and joined other organizers in fighting for justice. During this work, I honed my communication skills and learned how to facilitate conversations between diverse groups.


I consider myself a serial volunteer and can often be found supporting organizations across the city. A group of friends and I organized multiple community clean-ups and served over 10,000 families fresh food in the aftermath of the George Floyd unrest.

I service the community through the following organizations:

My legacy of service continues through my work as the Community Advocate for Congressman Bobby Rush, where I serve as a liaison between the community and the Congressman to work through contemporary issues. 

Personal Passions

I am a devoted mother to two beautiful sons. I am a committed parent, and avid sports mom when I am not fighting for collective justice. I can often be found cheering on my boys during their swim, basketball, and gymnastics practices.

I love reading and cooking. I am known for my love of the arts and my spontaneous singing and dancing. I am a woman of faith. I served on my church's praise dance team & choir. I am excited to take this next step in my faith by serving the community at a higher level.

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